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“I could not imagine caring for my parents without Kathy B’s (Guidance, Planning & Support) support. She is a God-send and is worth her weight in gold.” 4.17.17 – K.T.C., New York

“Kathy B. (Guidance, Planning & Support) is an excellent advisor and has been extremely sensitive with elder parental issues. Her assistance with Medicare has been invaluable.” 1.23.18 – Ridley Enslow III, Maplewood

“Kathy B’s name was given to me by a nurse practitioner. She has been very helpful. Whenever I call, she is there to immediately help me. I would recommend GPS (Guidance, Planning, Support program) to anyone.” 4.17.17 – Eve Balboni, Watchung

“I felt like an angel descended upon me when Kathy B. (Guidance, Planning & Support) came to our home.” 3.13.17 – Susan Green

“By far the GPS (Guidance, Planning Support program) met our needs. Kathy B. was 100% amazing to us! I do not know how we would have gotten through this without her. I strongly value Kathy’s knowledge and opinions.” 9.28.17 – Private



“If it wasn’t for the wonderful (Spend-A-Day) staff, we would have never been able to care for our mother in our home as long as we did. We felt very comfortable knowing that she had a 2nd home and exceptional care at SAGE every time we dropped her off. We truly appreciate everything that you all have done.” 1.24.18 – Private

“Mom has been going to Sage Spend-A-Day for 8 or 9 years and she simply loves it! The Spend-A-Day staff provides exceptional care. Mom always talks about the great time and care she receives at SAGE where she learns, exercises and socializes. Our family feels blessed that Leslie and her fine team continually deliver a great experience. We highly recommend Spend-A-Day to anyone! 2.27.18 – Private




Jim looks forwards to his days at Spend-A-Day. He enjoys the many programs, especially music & art. I appreciate the personal care he receives from the entire staff. I have peace of mind the days my husband is at Spend-A-Day knowing he is safe & happy. As a caregiver it gives me time to get things done that would be difficult otherwise.” 2.28.18 – Joan Whitson

Our Mom looooves going to Spend-A-Day. The staff treats her like a queen.  She comes home happy and chatty. We feel so relieved that she has a safe and happy place to go.  We are so thankful to have Spend-A-Day!  We are so grateful to have Leslie and the staff on our side!” 3.1.18 – Linda Ruedisueli

GPS (Guidance, Planning & Support) service has been a lifesaver to me because I was so overwhelmed. GPS was able to assist me with the needs of my loved on when I had such a large burden placed on me.” 4.2.18 – K. A.

“GPS services have been outstanding.”
6.26.18 – Robert Springer, Basking Ridge

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