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Meeting Your Needs

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“I could not imagine caring for my parents without Kathy’s (Bassiacos) support. She is a God-send and is worth her weight in gold.” 4.17.17

-K.T.C., New York

“Kathy (Bassiacos) is an excellent advisor and has been extremely sensitive with elder parental issues. Her assistance with Medicare has been invaluable.” 1.23.18

- Ridley Enslow III, Maplewood NJ

“Kathy’s (Bassiacos) name was given to me by a nurse practitioner. She has been very helpful. Whenever I call, she is there to immediately help me. I would recommend GPS (Guidance, Planning, Support program) to anyone.” 4.17.17

- Eve Balboni, Watchung NJ

“I felt like an angel descended upon me when Kathy (Bassiacos) came to our home.” 3.13.17

- Susan Green

“By far the GPS (Guidance, Planning Support program) met our needs. Kathy (Bassiacos) was 100% amazing to us! I do not know how we would have gotten through this without her. I strongly value Kathy’s knowledge and opinions.” 9.28.17

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Private


“After my mom fell and broke her hip I was frightened and unknowledgeable about what her future entailed. I reached out to Kathy Bassiacos who immediately put me at ease and explained the next steps to getting my mom to a healthy and safe place. It was wonderful to know that someone was there to answer all my questions. 1.18.18

   – Private


“Our family wanted to let you know how special the staff was at the Spend-A-Day Program at SAGE for the past 3 1/2 years. If it wasn’t for the wonderful staff, we would have never been able to care for our mother in our home as long as we did. We felt very comfortable knowing that she had a 2nd home and exceptional care at SAGE every time we dropped her off. We truly appreciate everything that you all have done.” 1.24.18

-The Hoehn Family

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