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Expert Craftsmanship

Repairs and Finish Restoration
Rushing, Caning, Splint Weave, & More

290 Broad Street, Lower Level, Summit, NJ  07901

Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:30 am — 11:30 am
(Items can be left with SAGE Eldercare’s receptionist until 4:30 pm)

FRW Volunteer Group

The workshop welcomes new volunteers!

Please note that woodworking experience is not essential.

Interest in learning the craft of woodworking, by itself, is the most important qualification.

The Workshop began as a place for older men who no longer had access to a home workbench.

Today, most of the men and women who volunteer are former professionals including investment bankers, college professors, physicians and scientists.

Many have never worked with their hands but have learned from each other caning, rushing and other restoration techniques.  New volunteers with basic skills and a love of craftsmanship are always welcome — Call 908.598.5514 for more information.

Download and print our volunteer application here.


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