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Expert Craftsmanship

Rushing, Caning, Splint Weave, & More

290 Broad Street, Lower Level, Summit, NJ  07901

Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:30 am — 11:30 am
(Items can be left with SAGE Eldercare’s receptionist until 4:30 pm)


Do you need a chair caned or rushed?  The volunteer artisans at our workshop can help.

Since 1961, the SAGE’s Furniture Restoration Workshop has offered the public fine-quality furniture restoration.  The workshop has earned a reputation for its fine reweaving of cane chairs.

Pricing is reasonable and is based upon the condition of the furniture item and the materials and labor necessary for its restoration.

All funds received for workshop services benefit the programs and services of SAGE.  (Learn how to become a volunteer here.)

Let us help make your treasured seats new again!

Our Work

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Types of  Chair Seat Repair

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Hand Caning


Two types of rushed seats are commercially available:  natural and fiber rush.  We use the more durable craft fiber rush, which is easier to work with and less costly. 

Hand Caning

Hand cane has a series of closely spaced holes at the material edge.  Fine cane binds an edging material to the chair through each of the holes.

Pressed Cane

Machine woven cane looks exactly like hand cane, however it has a continuous edging with no visible holes.

Split Reed
Homemade country chairs in the early years were often finished with a bottom of thinly split hardwood strips woven into a simple pattern.  We do re-seating today using flat reed from the inner core of the rattan plant.  The result is a very durable and economical seat with a country look.

Our Craftsmen

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