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If You Don't Know Where
to Turn, Ask SAGE

If you don’t know where to turn, ask SAGE.

If you need assistance or information, are overwhelmed by health care choices, or not even sure what to ask, we can help. Our staff will provide social service support, referrals, resources and more.

InfoCare — our information and referral service provides older adults and family caregivers with the support, information, consultations, and referrals through telephone outreach. 

When you contact InfoCare, your concerns will be addressed by a Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who understands the complexities of navigating community resources, as well as the psychological issues related to aging and caregiving. The social worker will provide consultation, guidance and follow-up to address your needs. 

InfoCare Can Provide You With:

  • Free Caregiver Consultations
    To provide guidance/support to encourage problem solving and decision making, address family communication and dynamics, education about types of care options at home or in facility
  • Information regarding Community Resources
    State and local community programs, public funding, legal services, transportation, senior centers, adult day care
  • Education
    About health care, advance care planning, Advance Directives
  • Invitation to join SAGE Support Groups
    Facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, SAGE offers free, ongoing Caregiver Support Groups for spouses and adult children caring for their loved ones.  Periodic 8 week Bereavement Groups are also provided

InfoCare provides direct social work support to aging adults, particularly those who are frail and isolated, in Union, Essex, Morris, and Somerset Counties, and also assists long distance caregivers who are concerned about older adults that are living in our region.

Let Us Help You

We are here to help you determine what services will provide the most comfort — Because your home is a great place to age!

Call 908.598.5509 for more information.

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