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The Right Care Plan
Can Make All the Difference
GPS provides a comprehensive home-based assessment and care plan recommendations

GPS provides a comprehensive home-based assessment and care plan recommendations.

Our GPS (Guidance, Planning and Support) Services provide personalized care planning to maximize independence, safety, and well-being.

Figuring out what is right can be difficult — our program helps you make the best choices by evaluating your specific situation.

We begin with a detailed assessment of your physical and emotional health, support networks, and community resources.

Together, we will review your medications and healthcare regimen, conduct a home safety evaluation, and assess your individual needs.  We then provide a detailed written care plan, as well as guidance and support to help you implement the planWe’re here to help — call us at 908.598.5522 or read below to learn more.

Experienced, Trained Professionals

An assessment includes everything from medication review to nutritional counseling.

Our GPS Care Navigators are Registered Nurses who specialize in geriatric care.  They provide a personalized, comprehensive assessment which includes guidance, care planning, and support to evaluate current and future needs. 

Who Should Consider GPS Services?

Anyone who is concerned about a loved one’s care should consider GPS.  This service is especially helpful during a time of transition, for example:

  • Returning home after a hospital or rehabilitation stay
  • After receiving a new diagnosis and/or medication regimen
  • When experiencing behavioral changes
  • Planning for future care
  • Long distance caregiving

What Do Our GPS Care Navigators Do for Each Care Plan?

Includes creation of an emergency medical info packet (Vial of Life)

A care plan includes creation of an emergency medical information packet (Vial of Life).

  • Assess physical, social, and cognitive health
  • Conduct a medication review and regimen evaluation
  • Evaluate home safety
  • Assist with advanced care planning
  • Prepare an emergency medical information packet (Vial of Life)
  • Supervise hospital and care facility discharge planning
  • Make recommendations for sub-acute, assisted living, and long-term care facilities, if warranted
  • Provide support networks, community resources, and referrals
  • Act as a liaison for local and long distance caregivers
  • Coach effective communication skills with health care providers


Additional Options:

  • Medication management
  • Wellness visits by nurses
  • Social work support

GPS Services is part of SAGE Guidance, a grouping of SAGE’s services including GPS Services, InfoCare, and Education & Support.  SAGE Guidance is a comprehensive approach to reaching older adults and caregivers in their homes and helping them thrive with long-term wellness and independence, through social work support and free referrals, medical care planning, and a full calendar of educational programs.

Let Us Help You

We are here to help you determine what services will provide the most comfort — Because your home is a great place to age!

Call 908.598.5522 for more information.

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