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People Responsible for Elderly Persons (P.R.E.P.)

  • Caring for an elderly loved one can be a demanding and stressful responsibility. Help is available at P.R.E.P., a monthly caregiver support group led by a professional eldercare specialist. P.R.E.P. provides opportunities to:

    • Meet others with similar concerns.
    • Share common problems and solutions.
    • Find available community resources.
    • Learn effective problem-solving and coping skills.
    • Receive emotional support from other caregivers.

     • Attend educational programs throughout the year.

Download a copy of our Guide to Advanced Directives to learn more >>

Download a copy of our Resource Guide to learn more >>



P.R.E.P. Groups Meets:
Third Wednesday of each month, 7 pm—9 pm


Free to the public
(Donations are welcome!)

290 Broad Street, Summit
(908) 598-5509

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